Project Description


“My name is Adam, I’m 29, from London, registered severely visually impaired. I suffer from something called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which has gradually affected my sight in many ways. Large patches of blind spots around my peripheral field cause “tunnel vision”, while blind spots in my central field make focusing on details difficult/impossible. I can’t make out many colours, for instance distinguish between various pastels or dark shades, and this is all dependent on there being good levels of light; in dim conditions such as night-time or even a cloudy day, I’m virtually totally blind.

One of the toughest obstacles I have to deal with is people thinking I’m faking my blindness, or simply need to get a good pair of spectacles, and/or that I’m crazy or suffer mental difficulties. I asked Julia to picture me on a beach because I very much enjoy the beach. I love the sound of the waves, I love the sand between my toes. I like it if it’s sunny or rainy, and I love the sensation of being on the edge of a great expanse. Having grown up in the city of London, the beach is almost alien, surreal, and I find it very soothing.”

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