Project Description

ALICE, Lockdown 1, Day 76

How has Covid 19 affected you?
We have been very lucky and nobody in our house has had the virus.

What lesson has Covid 19 taught you so far?
Where there’s sadness there’s happiness too, if you look for it.

Who do you live with?
My mummy and daddy and pets

What do you miss the most?
Seeing my friends and relatives being able to hug them.

Tell me a bit about your current situation.
We have been home since March. Mummy and daddy are lucky and can work at home. I have been busy with school work and our teachers have worked hard to keep things as normal as they can for us. I see my friends on Zoom and we play computer games together.

I saw my nana and grandpa from down the garden. It was very nice but strange not to be allowed to give her a hug. I hope we can go back to school soon. Lockdown has made me appreciate actually being able to see my teachers and friends so much more.

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