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Chessie Kay, Porn actress

A busty ‘blow-up’ babe with colossal sized lips dips her head down and winks at us enticingly through three layers of lashes, beneath a candy coloured wig. ‘Twenty-one’ year old glamour model Chessie Kay is perhaps the closest we’ve encountered to the conventional pornstar by physicality thus far. The AK Awards: International Best Female Performer of the Year (as voted by fans and producers) started adult work on TV sex line channels through topless modelling, but cheeky Chessie, encouraged by her partner/PA/makeup artist, began porn the very same day.

“You can get really sore if you do three shoots in one day. One time my pussy swelled up so much I couldn’t even put my finger in! …So I took a week off.”

The confident adult actress is undoubtedly the centre of attention in most rooms. Her charismatic character and brazen glamour girl appearance, reminiscent of a life size blow-up doll, with her teeny tiny waist and bumper sized bazookas, most certainly turns all eyes on her. Having wanted breast enlargement surgery since she was just 16, Chessie has gone under the knife not once, but twice, to achieve the 28H cup size she now carries – claiming the more she changes her body, the more work she attracts. In fact, Ms Kay says she wouldn’t turn down another op, as “bigger is always better” in her book.

When it comes to natural attraction Chessie tells us that her sexual preference will most likely always be heterosexual. Although she enjoys the physical experience with male actors, she is, interestingly, not attracted to their pornstar appearance. “If I’m doing a shoot then I actually prefer working with fat and ugly, older men. The idea that it’s wrong kinda turns me on more!” However, on a more emotional level, girl/girl work is more her ‘thing’; “girls are way more attractive, don’t you think? Girls know what other girls like. Plus the film can look more arty, especially if there is a more romantic aspect to it, and if it’s shot in black and white”.

Since discovering her physical preferences do not correlate with her emotional inclinations, we’re intrigued by what exactly ‘gets her off’ to make the controversial films appear realistic. “Ha ha! I always have a real orgasm on set – I trained myself to do it. It’s not always acting you know. I have boundaries though. I don’t do anal with men, but I will with women. I’m telling you, women are gentler – they know what women want! I will drink piss, but I won’t eat shit and I would vomit from a blow job if the price was right. My favourite scene I’ve shot was with four guys who came all over my face”.

Chessie tells us that the porn industry is extremely health conscious with compulsory STD and AIDs tests a mandatory regulation before any shoot. With certified check-ups every two weeks, we don’t doubt her claim that the adult business is far safer sex than ‘real’ life. “It’s a safe industry. One guy did wank, but he was really amateur. I always get my money at the start so I can walk out if anybody acts inappropriately. Oh and I did get my drink spiked once, but generally I’ve been really lucky”.

The gender wage gap in normal UK culture scene (theatre, film, etc) is currently +14% in favour of male actors. So it is curious to hear Chessie speak next of her salary. “Guys get paid less than girls in porn, we [women] get at least double. But everyone sets their own rates. The average girl gets £300-£400 for boy/girl scenes or £250 for girl/girl. I charge £700-£800 for boy/girl and £500 for girl/girl, but it varies on what I’m doing. At the moment I do babe channels two days a week and then two or three porn videos for big companies, plus glamour modelling. Then I do my own porn every week as well with my partner. I find the girls and my partner finds the locations, then we produce the content together. It’s fun!”

With her diary bursting with planned shoots and nominations for more awards waiting in the wings, Chessie is by far the most outrageous, yet intensely fun and incredibly interesting pornstar we have ever had the pleasure of meeting! Clearly in love with her sexuality, her job and her supportive partner, she is one working woman at the top of her sex industry game, with absolutely no signs of slowing down…even on those ‘three-shoot-per-day-swollen-pussy’ weeks.

Text by Jen Brook

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