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CHRISTY and DAVE, Lockdown 1, Day 30


How has Covid 19 affected you?
For my part, it affects me less than others in many ways. My ever worsening MS disability means I’m at home most of time anyway. Can’t go to friends/family’s houses as they are not sufficiently accessible. Holidays are increasingly difficult etc. Lockdown is no different. In some weird way, it’s almost better because everyone else is in the same boat, and people have more time to talk.

However lockdown is bad news for Dave who doesn’t get any respite from looking after me without help; and he has to do more cleaning, ironing, gardening, cooking etc than usual. He gets no mental space. In turn that’s a big worry for me.

What lesson has Covid 19 taught you so far?
The importance of music and food in my life. How lucky we are to have a garden and how much it contributes to keeping us sane. To remember to slow down and really look at: every leaf unfurling; every silvery drop of rain resting on the plants and birds collecting insects from our overgrown ivy to feed their young. That it’s much better to talk with friends and see their faces on screen than just text like I did before.That pranayama breathing exercises are good for containing anxiety. That it’s rewarding to be creative with whatever foodstuff we can get our hands on. That I’m so lucky not to have caught Covid-19 (a good friend with MS has it badly and is now week 4 in hospital).

Who do you live with?
My wonderful husband Dave.

What do you miss the most?
Getting out to see art, theatre, music and films. Arts venues are pretty accessible. In normal times that keeps us sane.
Ditto having friends/family round. And the occasional crab mayo/steak frites at Cote restaurant.

I’m a big fan of The Tour de France and tennis on TV. Managed to get tickets to Wimbledon centre court this year; now cancelled. Dave’s a big sports fan. The rugby six nations was postponed. There’s no sport for him to read about in The Guardian/watch on TV. His much anticipated 30-year reunion of the round the world yacht race with his sailing friends has been cancelled. Even the Archers has been affected!! Horror of horrors.

Telll me a bit about your current situation
Feeling very fortunate: to be retired with pensions from work, so no employment related financial worries. To have a lovely home and garden to get out into. Not to be on the frontline of NHS/social care/public services. Not to be homeless/reliant on food banks. Not to be in a domestic abuse situation. Not to be 8 months pregnant (like my nephew’s wife). That Dave is also my best friend.

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