Project Description

DJ TANIA, Lockdown 3, 2021

How has Covid-19 affected you?
Covid stole my DJ music career, stopped it in its tracks … shut all the clubs, completely devastated the music scene, socialising and dancing became only something that could be done while imprisoned in my own home, our own homes.

It has stopped me from seeing my family including my grandbabies which was extremely hard as they change so much when they are so small … seeing them only through these windows during the first long lockdown was extremely difficult… not being able to touch or hold them and them looking back through the glass at me really puzzled has made my heart ache so hard.

What lessons has Covid-19 taught you so far?
… that there is NOTHING in the world more important than your family or the people you love, nothing material, no travel, absolutely nothing compares to your special humans… they are the real treasures.

Who do you live with?
myself… I’m a big character I need a lot of space. ha ha.

What do you miss the most?
DJ-ing and performing at my beloved Ministry of Sound where I have been since starting my DJ career 10 years ago. I really miss my music & dancing, and travel… and most of all I miss freedom from anxiety and worry.

Tell me a bit about your current situation
Currently I spend 14+ hours a day working on my fan-site, doing remote shoots as well as live-streaming to cheer up my fans who have been affected, they say I’ve really helped them get through each lockdown.

Also, I help my daughter with some home-schooling of my granddaughter while she works full time from home. I have 2 beautiful grandchildren. I am so lucky that I started my motherhood so young that I now get to enjoy a much easier kind of 2nd motherhood with my daughter’s children. Covid has actually enriched this situation and meant I’ve had MORE time with them than I would have, it’s slowed us all down and shown us the true value of what we already have.

I am an incredibly sociable person and I miss being in clubs DJ-ing and meeting people so much but being able to go LIVE with my social media has really helped me still feel connected to everyone out there and has definitely helped me to feel less alone … the feeling that I’m helping people get through this has been really enriching & valuable to me.

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