Project Description

KAREN, Lockdown 1, Day 24

How has Covid-19 affected you?
I live with my adult daughter and her dog and our domestic routines have not changed as much as that of others because my daughter continues to work outside the home. However like everybody we have to learn to deal with the increased uncertainty of our future and accept the lack of control we have over our lives. We miss most the casual tactility and fun of going out and meeting family and friends.

Living with this new virus requires us to come up with a new list of priorities, appreciate the basics, reduce the speed of chasing goals and to lean to assess activities more by their intrinsic value and not so much by their financial reward.

I spend a lot of my time trying to follow the scientific research into Covid19 to learn how life with the virus could shape our future, but am frustrated to find little global approach to the pandemic and few preliminary findings that help on a practical level.

Before Covid19 I would worry about my uncertain future, now everyone has joined me and I don’t feel so alone, because we’re are all in it together.

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