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KATE, JUDE and BELLE, Lockdown 1, Day 47

How has Covid 19 affected you all?

I’m almost sure I had the virus, in the middle of March for around 2 weeks. I lost my sense of taste and smell and had crippling headaches. I didn’t eat or read or even listen to the radio but just lay in a fug of nausea and headache pills. I’m not sure if this period has taught me a lesson other than it is possible to be locked down without going mad. But I’m lucky, as I have work, a dog to walk and I live with my husband and 2 teens. I am immensely grateful to have a small garden and an outside table.

I miss hugging my friends and long lazy lunches and dinners at each other’s houses. I miss art galleries, cafes, going somewhere else apart from nearly every park in London with the dog.

Covid has stopped me taking my A- levels and cancelled many of my summer plans, potentially my first term of university too, basically 8 months of my life have been cancelled. I have learnt how structure my days around what I’d like to do, rather then what I ought to do. I’ve also tried to learn to not value myself by how busy I’m being, and to take time doing thing. I’ve been living with my family, which has actually been very good for our relationship, I think it’s the ‘we’re all in this together’ attitude. I miss my social life quite a bit, going out and seeing people. I also feel a bit purposeless.

Covid-19 is the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced in my 16 years , but for some reason i’m quite relaxed about it . I’m surrounded by by family which i thought would be more frustrating but we have actually been getting along better then ever . I think one way that it is really effecting me is that i desperately miss my friends , seeing my friends means a lot to me and makes me happier so that has been the hardest thing however due to phones and social media I have been in contact with them 24/7 though it is just not the same as seeing them in real life .

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