Project Description

Lola Marie, Escort

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl who worked on the front desk of an escort agency to feed her son. The girl was kind and gentle, but with a secretive, seductive side to her nature. A wink here or there soon made a name for the raunchy receptionist, leading clients to request her services be furthered towards a new profession…and so, Lola Marie; pornstar and courtesan, was born.

Smiling sweetly in a silky satin gown, Lola speaks to us of her self-proclaimed nymphomania and desire to fulfil strangers fantasies;

“I like sex. I like everything about sex. I like to be the person they can’t usually have.”

Working ‘in calls’ (where the customer visits her), allows Lola to walk away with £1200 per booking and with ‘out calls’ pulling in a further £300 from punters. However, the purchasable experience of lust is not always sexual, she tells us; “Many guys I see are unhappily married, often with built up sexual tension in their partnership. I lend a friendly ear and the sensuality that marriage sometimes lacks. I give massages and listen…and often that can be more beneficial than penetrative sex. Knowing what my client’s needs, is what I’m paid for…but I’m never put off by a handsome cock!”

Lola describes the underlying sadness of the sex trade amongst the people who pay to see her, claiming it’s not all lip biting and blow jobs. “For some of them, their lives are so empty. Their wives can’t see them sexually. Some of them just want to be touched, like…just a hug. I feel sorry for the lonely ones who just want to get lunch. But of course I always enjoy their company – and I presume that the feeling is mutual. The ‘girlfriend experience’ is about being that person and playing that role for the allotted time – we cuddle and laugh together. I dress nicely to fit the part and I come from an agency – I have my dignity, I’m not a slag! I’m not a prostitute who taps on car windows for a tenner.”

Allowing us to delve deeper into the minds of those who book Lola, we uncover more about the world in which she lives, where life behind closed doors is all but private and personal/work boundaries are blurred. “The type of person who visits me varies. Age-wise, they’re anything from university teens, to the more mature gentleman in his late seventies! But whoever they are, you can’t get too involved. You can’t feel emotionally attached to clients, even though they’re often friendly and nice. I might have sex with them in my marital bed, but clients are clients, this is a job and what we do whilst they’re with me, is my work. When you cross that line it becomes difficult. Personal relationships can’t be involved. I could never have a relationship with a client anyway. My job is providing a service…no different to seeing a dentist. It can’t be anything beyond that.”

Our £130 per hour hostess, opens up further about the connections she forms with her clients – bonds that she prevents crossing into the term ‘relationship’. “I feel bad for them when they keep coming back – when their romantic affairs clearly aren’t working. To be honest, sometimes I wonder if they make stories up just to return. Being a woman, we…well, we women have feelings. Like we say…’oh that’s so sad, so sorry to hear that, etc…whereas guys are more like ‘yeah, whatever!’’. I think women have a maternal instinct and we can’t help that. Some guys need more women in their lives.”

As she bows her chin, whilst batting long lashes, we are captivated by what lovely Lola insinuates. Perhaps the clients who visit her act as a unique portal into the world of society’s expectations – a world where traditionally women were seen and not heard…but now need to be heard as much as seen. Suicide is almost three times more likely to occur among males, than among females…and we can’t help but look at these stats and question why? Do men need the sympathetic ear of a woman, of a mother, to comfort them? So much that they’re willing to pay £1000 per night for a sex worker? Or do they just need any patient human who is willing to listen?

Perhaps Lola Marie, the female escort…is closer to Lola Marie, a masked mistress, agony aunt and ambivalent friend…for as long as the meter is ticking.

Text by Jen Brook

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