Project Description


My eye condition is made up of Nystagmus (involuntary movement of the eyeballs, causing difficulty with focusing), and is said to also involve a bilateral form of cataract. My eyes also appear in a disfigured way. When I was a child 4 years of eye treatment were missed which did not help things. So I am clearly someone who believes that there is more to understand about my eye condition and questions to answer, which are yet to be concluded. Over several years the sort of treatment which has been focused on my eyes relate to reducing their pressure through the use of some eye drops. This was aimed at securing the sight that I have, and ensuring that my sight strength remains stable through low pressure readings. Although I have not really noticed the loss in vision from the sight which I already have and sometimes have questioned in my mind in the past the effectiveness of the treatment, it’s always great to be on the safe side. I truly believe that there are potential avenues for improvement to explore during the next few years and throughout my lifetime, and that is just one of the things which excites me in life.

My background relates to me because of my love for nature and appreciating the little things in life which can be taken for granted. Secondly when I am out amongst nature (e.g. when engaging with sport), immersing myself with God’s true creation of beauty really brings me lots of joy and happiness. I love nature’s interaction!

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