Project Description

NORA, Lockdown 1, Day 87

When the quarantine started I was in London visiting my partner. I’ve been living in between here and Spain for the last five years. The plan was staying here for a week and go back to my country as I needed to do the final tests there of my engineering degree. Because of the lockdown I had to stay here for four months, my university in Spain changed the way they assessed us. From now until September all the tests are online and we’ve been given the necessary material to do it this way. It’s been very challenging as I had to be far from my closest family and worried about their safety. Nothing major happened to any of my relatives or close friends so I consider myself very fortunate.

Covid has taught me to not anticipate and remain calm in unstable environments, to take day by day things es they come. My partner is an NHS worker so we went through the whole process being very conscious of how the health care system was collapsing and where a situation like this can lead us.

I miss the most my grandma’s food, but that’s regardless of the situation I suppose. Also, having a normal social life where we all feel safe in terms of how to ‘behave’ is something I’d love to experience soon.

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