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PENELOPE, Lockdown 1, Day 51

Covid-19 has been such a wake up call for the world and it can be a challenge not to be engulfed by fear but instead to look ahead in hope for the future. I try to limit the amount of news, yet keep informed and paradoxically, have connected more with others and deepened relationships even though I live alone.

I am very grateful to live on the river where I do, surrounded by nature, wonderful neighbours and being more still, less rushing about, – has woken me up to the beauty of what is right here. It’s definitely a lesson how nothing can be taken for granted and how precious life is.

Like for us all, its tough not seeing those you love but so many ways to connect in the meantime, thank you technology!

I’m an actress, writer and freelance in the corporate sector so all are impacted but I have found many opportunities to work on various projects and keep connected with my employers and a fantastic agent.

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