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Today what I would like to talk about is myself and how things have changed from the day I lost my sight. Many years ago, to be precise in September 1988, I opened a restaurant in partnership with a friend of mine. Even I always been short sight since I was 6 years old, I can tell than my life was perfectly normal. Unfortunately not longer after the opening, I had a little accident which caused the detachment of retina in my left eye. Despite several operations, it has not been possible to save the sight. Meanwhile I started to have problem with right eye, as a consequence of the weakness of the retina, but fortunately this time they managed to save part of the retina and kept me with some sight. Obviously since I have been registered blind in 1993 things changed. Naturally, I could not be physical active and work like before. Consequently, I have to organize myself and do many other things. But what I have found more difficult, at the beginning was to accept and face what was going to be my new future, especially for everything concerning my personal and private life. Personally, I think for myself as a person that doesn’t like to complain but always keep calm and always accept what life has to offer. Because of these I kept my family unaware of the hole situation and also they don’t want to worry them hopping that everything will have sorted out.

At present , my sight is extremely poor, the only thing that I can tell is the difference between day and night, without shapes and colours.

Considering where I was borne in Italy, the background chosen by Julia is the perfect one. The seaside is where I spent the first 23 years of my life before moving to London and it’s just about 10 minutes walking from my parents house, the perfect place for the summer as you can imagine, but also before and after the summer when the beaches are empty and only locals are around. Only then you can really appreciate the true nature of the seaside and enjoy the sound and the scent of it.

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