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SERENA AND CHLOE, Lockdown 1, Day 16

How has Covid-19 affected you?
The biggest impact Covid 19 has had on me is through my work. As a photographer in the early stages of my career, I’ve gone from such a fast paced work life to one that’s been completely shut down.

What lessons has Covid-19 taught you so far?
It’s allowed me to relearn the importance of giving myself time to rest and reflect.

Who do you live with?
My mum and my younger sister

What do you miss the most?
Definitely the social side of things, I really took hanging out with my friends for granted. I’ve also had to miss out on travelling for work and holidays during this time which has been a real shame.

Tell me a bit about your current situation
My main priority is keeping myself and everyone around me safe. Staying indoors is a small sacrifice to make for the safety of others, so my main aim is to find new ways of using this time positively and taking care of my mental health.

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