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SHEM and NORA, Lockdown 1, Day 111

I believe that this whole pandemic has affected me in a big way as my GCSE exams were cancelled due to the outbreak of Covid-9. This was a major upset as I started to question what my five years of learning was for but hopefully the government will help me and everyone else around me move on from this,

Additionally losing family friends to Covid-19 was a big shock to the whole family.

I live with my family which is my brother, sister, mum and dad. The people I miss the most are all of my friends at school. Even though I see some of them from time to time it will probably be unlikely that my whole year group will be able to see each other that much again. Right now in my current situation I am doing well, I am focused on getting into college and trying to start working to make sure that I am well prepared when the whole pandemic is over.

If I have taken anything away from this whole pandemic it’s that taking care of ourselves and staying healthy is very important as we need to protect ourselves and the people around us.


Covid-19 has affected me so badly because that wasn’t what I was expecting this summer. I and my family were planning to go on holiday to Spain for our first time but everything has now being cancelled.

I live with my Mum, Dad and two brothers. So yes it is kind of a full house. I definitely miss going to school and attending church because it is very boring at home. I’m currently feeling really bored and really want to go somewhere; for example, to my friends’ houses, eat out , etc.

Covid 19 has taught me to keep my hygiene levels up and wash my hands all the time.

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