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TESSA, Lockdown 1, Day 59

How has Covid 19 affected you?
Curtailments and Creations. Like many, I haven’t been able to see my parents- my mother is in the highly vulnerable category. Nor have I been able to see my friends, though I am an introvert so that isn’t awfully unusual. I’ve gained 6kgs in weight, despite regular HIT videos (where I dress in manga cosplay and live stream on Instagram). I have been able to spend the extra time working on myself however. More introspection, more re-assessing where I am in my life and what I really want out of it. Also I baked a perfect meringue pie from scratch! As well as sorting through my obscure Japanese DVD collection. Re-discovering Weather Woman AND Weather Woman 2 was a treat!

What lesson has Covid 19 taught you so far?
Reinforced something I always remind myself about – humans are fragile and death is inevitable. A thought that I take comfort in as it’s a great leveller.

Who do you live with?
My flat mates. A recently married couple who are having to spend their honeymoon with me. I try to present them with an occasional cocktail dressed in a maid uniform to make them feel better about the situation.

What do you miss the most?
Cabaret nights and Underground parties. Meeting new people at my friends’ monthly artist suppers. Modelling. The seaside. Paris and Japan.

Tell me about your current situation.
The above sums it up. Though currently, at this exact moment, I am lying like a lizard in the coolest spot at home – stuck to a shady bit of wall. trying to avoid the heat.

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