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ZEWDI, YABSRA and ETHIOPIA, Lockdown 1, Day 57

Covid 19 has affected me in many ways that I can’t clearly explain, but I am sure everyone is feeling similarly as we are all in it. There’s nothing similar that we have experienced in our lifetime. It has changed everyone’s routines and the ways we do things. I am a bit worried about the children’s education because we are not doing anything near what they would have been doing at their school with their teachers.

I live with my husband, two children and a lodger. I miss going to church every Sunday and travelling freely.

I believe in God and worship Him. I believe He is almighty, and all He wants from us is to be good to one another and to His creation. I believe God has His reasoning for everything, but I can’t tell you why He allows suffering and who He picks or how etc… This must be why they say ‘God works in His mysterious ways.’

I don’t know if I can travel to Ethiopia this Summer. At the moment we’re all stationed at home, except for my husband, who has to go to work as a bus driver.

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