Project Description


My name is Joy Addo and I am 18 years old. I have an inflammatory disease at the back of my eyes. This has been an on-going problem throughout my life.
My mum noticed something was wrong with my eyes at the age of four. I have had about 11 operations now throughout my life. My vision is slightly improved with glasses. At the moment my vision is stable and doctors say I may grow out of it when I am in my late 20s, however I don’t really expect to. I am just trying to get on with life with a visual impairment and if I do grow out of this condition it will be a bonus.

The reason I was photographed outside a bus stop was because I have been using that same bus stop for a number of years now. I have been taking very similar routes which mostly consisted using this particular bus journey.
I have now moved out of the family home and therefore will not be using the bus stop as often, however it is a route that I will never forget.

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