A Testament to Love, 2013

"A Testament to Love" is a narrative about the struggles of life when love goes wrong. The women in my images wrestle with the eternal search for a happy ending, but find themselves left with feelings of solitude, loneliness, fear, regret and resignation. Are they searching for a meaning to their lives or just waiting for something to happen.

Each image is set against a cinematic background, which is inspired by the style of locations and lighting in Hollywood films from the 1960s and 1970s as well as the iconic work of Edward Hopper. I use hard lighting and prefer atmospheric skies to heighten the drama in broad daylight.

These images are like stills from a movie and I have captured the moment just before or just after the climax of the scenario. They illustrate the outcome of an unsuccessful meeting with a lover, the product of a painful goodbye or maybe just a reflection of our own inner anxieties. These scenarios are laden with emotion and tension and leave the viewer with more questions than answers.

However the women are not simply passive recipients of life's drama but an integral part with their own important roles to play. They are empowered.

Are they being followed or are they following? Are they leaving or have they been left? It's up to the viewer to decide, but I would guess the conclusions reveal as much about the viewers experiences as my intentions.